Latest Android App from Google Play – Great File Manager, Promising Email Client and More

First there is a great email client WeMail. Following the new file manager in the style of “Material design” called Amaze File Manager. The third tip for the application of the recently introduced launcher from Nokia – Z Launcher Beta. The penultimate tip on the application, Steam Sales tracking promotional discounts platform Steam. In the last application you… Read More »

Fast Memory in Phones and Samsung Xiaomi Prolong their Life

For more information sources come, according to which the South Korean giant Samsung has already started preparing its new flagship, the most likely to bear the designation Galaxy S6. As part of the company’s forthcoming innovation known as “Project Zero” because evolution phone is practically from scratch. Around the forthcoming “top model” have traditionally been circulating many rumors… Read More »

Basis Peak: Smart Watches Durable and Automatic Detection of Activities

With a range of smart watches and bracelets recently literally tore the bag. Almost every manufacturer that is engaged in mobile technology has a portfolio of at least one representative segment of wearable electronics. All available models are united by one common denominator, which is inadequate stamina. A tiny bowel allowes installation of a battery with more capacity… Read More »